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Legends Whisky

Legends Whisky

Only the most ultra unique Single Malt Whiskies have earned the distinction of being named a legend. Our first two releases fit into this category.

A limited edition of 87 bottles produced at The Highland Park Distillery in November 1977 Aged 36 Years and at cask strength of 50.1% alcohol by volume.
The house style is described as smoky but this is not the case with this expression. Rather heather honey, vanilla, custard and banana.

Surely the second legend must be the last of the mohicans. Distilled at the Glenfiddich Distillery in September 1964 bottled Aged 50 Years Old and at cask strength of 51.1% alcohol by volume only 67 bottles were produced.

Having been matured in a sherry cask for 50 years it is not surprising that the first impact is of a rich predominance of cream sherry and chocolate. Black treacle and raisins are also evident.

Both come packaged in a quality wooden box with distillery history and signed tasting note.

Live the dream & experience the legend.

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Single Malt Whisky Range

Single Malt Whisky

Each one of Hart Brothers Single Malt Whiskies is carefully selected after a rigorous quality control appraisal to ensure the highest possible flavour and character.

We bottle at a minimum strength of 46.0% alcohol by volume and many expressions are bottled at cask strength of over 50.0% alcohol by volume.

Hart Brothers do not chill filter or add colour prior to bottling. Nothing taken out or added to ensure the spirit of excellence.

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Our Single Grain Whisky

Single Grain Whisky

New to The Hart Brothers range of whiskies is our Single Cask Single Grain Whiskies. Each has gone through the same rigorous quality control regime as our Single Malt Whiskies.

Grain Whisky is distilled in a continuous column shaped still unlike Malt Whisky that is distilled in a batch process in a copper pot still.

Grain Whisky is lighter in body and flavour than Malt Whisky and is mainly used in the production of blended whisky.

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Our Blended Malts

Blended Malts

Hart Brothers have brought together some of the finest Single Malt Scotch whiskies for further maturation in first fill sherry butts and port pipes.

No artificial colour has been added rather the casks have imparted the deep mahogany hue and given a fusion of character that has been preserved by the absence of chill filtration at the time of bottling

Both styles are aged 17 years old and are bottled at 50.0% alcohol by volume.

Our range also includes an 8 years old blended malt bottled at 40.0% alcohol by volume.

With over 50 years experience blending scotch whiskies, our chief blender has created this expression using single malt whiskies from the five main distilling regions of Scotland.

The selected whiskies are blended together then returned to freshly emptied bourbon casks for further maturation. thus ensuring total harmony and consistency.

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