Glen Elgin 22 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Glen Elgin 22 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distilled at The Glen Elgin distillery in June 1991. Bottled in Glasgow February 2014. Aged 22 years old in American Oak. Un-chill filtered, natural colour. Bottled at 51.3% Alcohol by volume.

Citrus on the nose with a hint of lemon The taste is of ripe Victoria plums and the finish is of smooth honeyed caramel toffee

Glen Elgin was founded in 1898 by William Simpson, a former manager of Glenfarclas Distillery and James Carle , an agent for the North of Scotland bank. The distillery is situated three miles south of the town of Elgin and It would be the last distillery to be built on Speyside heralding the end of the buoyant whisky market which was caused by the collapse of Pattisons Limited, whisky blenders of Leith. Glen Elgin is termed by blenders as a first class malt and is an important constituent of the White Horse blend.


Glen Elgin


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